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Nature-Based Project Planning & Monitoring

Monitor nature-based project globally with high spatial resolution satellite imagery, enabling timely and accurate observation of both small-scale and large-scale projects

How can satellite imagery unlock critical insights into deforestation trends, agroforestry practices, and biodiversity conservation efforts?   

At Disaitek, we are deeply committed to combating climate change and halting biodiversity loss. Our mission extends beyond contributing to the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; we are dedicated to advancing nature-based projects that not only bolster ecological assets but also sequester carbon and fortify biodiversity against emerging threats.

Through the integration of cutting-edge AI algorithms with very high-resolution optical imagery, our expertise lies in the precise classification of land use and land cover at the pixel level. This specialization enables us to identify natural assets of critical interest and pinpoint the types of threats that could potentially compromise these valuable resources.


Our innovative platform is designed to facilitate the identification, alerting, and monitoring of natural assets alongside the anthropogenic threats they face.


The Biodiversity Alert and Monitoring Service (BAMS) stands at the forefront of this initiative, offering a dynamic geographical information system (GIS). This system allows users to overlay their specific areas of interest with layers that accurately identify forests, shade trees vital for agroforestry practices, and hedgerows, among other features. Through layer-derived analysis, our platform excels in change detection, enabling the precise identification of clear-cut areas and deforestation events down to the individual tree level.

Moreover, we are vigilant in detecting hazardous activities that degrade environmental quality through fluid leaks, pollutant releases into both soil and atmosphere, and increased fire outbreak risks. Our system is adept at identifying littering incidents ranging from as small as 4m2 to large-scale illegal landfills, unauthorized land use, abandoned end-of-life vehicles, and other illegal or abnormal activities. These capabilities are crucial for environmental protection efforts, providing a comprehensive risk assessment tool to support informed decision-making processes.

In addition to supporting biodiversity conservation and sustainable agricultural practices, Disaitek's services are aligned with compliance efforts for the European Union's Deforestation Regulation (EU DR). Our detailed monitoring and reporting capabilities facilitate adherence to these regulations, helping stakeholders ensure their projects and supply chains contribute positively to environmental sustainability and legal compliance.

To enhance the utility and integration of our services, we also offer an API that delivers polygons and metadata, enabling seamless incorporation into your existing GIS environment. This feature ensures that you can leverage the full spectrum of environmental data and analytical layers we provide, enriching your project planning and monitoring endeavors with unparalleled precision and insight.

By choosing Disaitek's BAMS, stakeholders in nature-based projects gain access to a suite of tools that not only illuminate the current state of ecological assets but also empower proactive measures against threats. Our commitment to leveraging technology for environmental stewardship means that every analysis, alert, and insight we offer is a step towards a more sustainable and biodiverse future.

Visualize the impact of your projects and make data-driven decisions with Disaitek. Explore how our satellite imagery and AI-driven analyses can unlock critical insights into deforestation trends, agroforestry practices, and biodiversity conservation efforts, paving the way for effective nature-based solutions.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any projects aimed at protecting biodiversity, promoting sustainable agricultural practices, or needing to comply with the EU Deforestation Regulation. 

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