Computer Vision

Automate process with patterns detected from your signals

How to leverage video and signals information collected from your sensors ?

Computer vision encompasses a broad range of activities. That can be useful for marketing, advertising, production, medecine, chemistry, crops, retail and so on. 

10 years of progress helped to achieve great  performance, sometimes even beyond human capabilities. All pictures and videos can be analyzed in order to detect, predict and trigger actions relative to your process. 

For instance you could be concerned by compliance issues in terms of security or healthy in your warehouse or your ground fields. 

With computer vision you could raise alerts to supervisors or autonomous drones when detecting unexpected behavior (lack of security and or healthy devices or equipment which could lead to severe outcomes). Depending on the use case you could configure the system to promote precision rather than recall, to be sure to detect either only true cases, or to be sure to detect all the true cases even if it implies to have sometimes false cases. 

Machine learning and deep learning can detect but also predict. Based on real time data and strengthened by the patterns learned from historical data you can prevent damages from occurring. Raising alerts when situations in a complex environment are aligned to increase the risk of injuries or damages will not only help you to act directly on the ground but also point out procedures that have to be redesigned. 

The systems we design and implement for our customers learn continuously from the new data and more importantly detect when the precision starts to deviate from the results obtained at their release.

Computer vision is useful for visible light but can be used also for all forms of waves like infrared and x-rays but not only.

Noise in your data, identified by the signal to noise ratio, can be overcome by machine and deep learning technologies and help you capture the right signal, identify the right patterns.