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Fly-tipping and illegal landfills detection

Leverage AI and Satellite to perform automatic detection 

How to solve the issue of waste crime by adopting new ways of action? 

We have developed a platform which automates the detection and the monitoring of fly tipping and illegal landfills with very high resolution optical imagery and thermal data  on which we apply our advanced AI algorithms. 

We collect open source data and task commercial satellites to provide us with images of the monitored area. The results of our algorithms on this data are integrated in a GIS to locate the polluted sites.  We perform an estimation of the volume to help qualify the extent of the pollution and its growth when several images have been acquired. 

Beyond disruptive technologies involved, we bring major innovations to help stakeholders tackle the problem: 

We digitize the overall process in order to help actors involved in the process to better coordinate and maximize their impact. Each polluted site gets an unique identifier and a lifecycle status.  Photos and documents can be added to better qualify the sites and risks. In addition, location can be shared to internal members and external partner to engage conversation and coordination. Quotes and invoices can be associated to each site in order to follow the costs associated to the clean up of the sites. 

We assess the risk of the proximity of the waste to the water resources (watercourse and underground water) and to the forests that can trigger fire outbreaks regarding hydric stress.  

We provide additional open sources information to help detect frauds against Classified Installation for the Protection of Environment. 

Finally, several dashboards are provided to analyse KPIs on flows and stocks, costs and efficiency of the collaboration. 

Our clients so far include Val d'Oise department and Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur Region.

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