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What we do

Disaitek specializes in Natural Language Processing and Image recognition.

Disaitek has been labelled as a Young Innovative Entreprise (Jeune Entreprise Innovante) by the French administration. It’s a recognition of our R&D program and of the innovation that we want to bring to market.

NLP Strengths

Disaitek is building cutting edge technologies on natural language processing to help companies leverage their conversational flows and make their transformation faster.

​Regarding AI, Disaitek area of expertise is the use of deep learning methods for NLP tasks. More specifically, we use neural networks that have been trained in an unsupervised way on a huge corpus of documents and transfer their knowledge to other problems. In order to do this we use state of the art semi-supervised learning algorithms and create proxy tasks to get the most value possible out of our data.

Disaitek has been contributing to implementation in PyTorch of GPT and BERT, large pre-trained models that capture deep information about syntax and grammar of languages.

Computer Vision Strengths

In Image Recognition, our core skills have been strengthened with one outstanding experience we’ve conducted in 2020 with the University of Geneva in order to develop new methodologies to detect exoplanets. Deep learning applied to exoplanets has been here for a few years but only for uniform orbital transit. Using data from Keppler & TESS space telescope, our challenge was to detect exoplanets with nonlinear transits. We have implemented state of the art image analysis technology in a context of low SNR ratio to be able to achieve this task.

This experience is fully transferable to tasks in relation with object detection, object recognition, trajectory prediction, anomaly detection and pattern detection inside all the electromagnetic spectrum market.

What we propose so far

We offer AI services leveraging tools and methodology we have set up since 2018. In order to address your business and production challenges that can be skyrocketed thanks to Image Recognition and NLP.


Our main concern in NLP is to address transformation nightmares. We think that human language that takes place in emails, chat and meetings is not leveraged as it should be. Transformation requires sharp commitment on tasks as long as access to the right and optimum information about existing processes. 

In computer vision, we help companies to manage costs by automating upstream compliance risk like in information gathering in order to enforce security measures. 

We also provide services to detect patterns and predict events in all forms of electromagnetic or mechanical waves. If you focus on a specific range of waves with your spectrometer, we provide tools to understand the underlying structure of what you have been observing. 


Finally, our experience is useful whenever you face algorithmic issues or need to understand and master your ML system. ​AI is becoming an essential cog in most IT environments while being still considered a black-box system. How can we trust what is not understood? It is why we are building expertise to understand AI in action, explain their decision, analyze their biases and test their robustness in an adversarial setup.

Task & Knowledge management

Leverage AI to collect and structure tasks and Knowledge on the behalf of humans

How do you better engage people to execute your transformation?
How do you better capture enterprise information and ease access to it?
Computer vision

Leverage signals you're able to capture with your sensors from video or beyond

How do you better automate activity, prevent risks and comply with regulation?
Machine Learning

Analyse and provide solutions for Fairness, Privacy and Security issues on machine learning.





2nd largest European legal publisher


Disaitek has signed a strong partnership with Lefebvre Sarrut

This partnership allowed us to develop and train our deep learning models on a huge volume of real data produced in 5 different languages (English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Italian). Beyond that, ELS hosted Disaitek prototype in order to collect valuable feedback from end users.



Associated member Paris Saclay


Disaitek announced the signing of a major research partnership with @ENSIEE, an engineer school associated to Paris Saclay. This agreement, one of the very first of this kind in France, will focus on research of vulnerabilities of machine learning systems to malicious attacks.


Founder, CEO
Master of Civil Engineering
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20 years of experience in consulting and project management.
Previously founded a Fintech which was merged with an ETI as for exit.
Concerned about compliance and regulation, he was also chairman of the supervisory board of a financial institution under FCA regulation.

Passionate about artificial intelligence and computational neuroscience. Anthony passed five certifications with Stanford university and university of Washington.
He’s in charge of the product roadmap and business development.

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Gregory CHATEL
Associate, CSO
PhD Comp. Science
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Passionate about artificial intelligence, he wrote several blog posts to explain how deep learning works and build awareness around security issues. He is a member of Intel Innovator program and was asked to talk in 3 meetups in Europe to present privacy and security concerns on machine learning. He is also specialized in NLP and is an active contributor to multiple open-source projects such as popular deep learning libraries and implementation of research articles.
He is in charge of research & development on Deep Learning stack.

Founders / Owners


We’re Hiring!

PhD Computer Sciences, Mathematics or Physics:

Doing research on unsolved NLP tasks or Computer vision

Data Scientists:

We want to leverage continuous learning from users to optimize our deep learning stask and to personalize the way the systems act regarding the user habits


We want to build great experiences for our users and let them feel comfortable with our solutions. Great user experience for great people (technology .js)

Let’s Meet UP!

Disaitek has developed strong expertise while driving R&D works….We propose to share it!

Meet UP has become a nice way to gather people and expert pleased to explain and share insights on lots of discipline.

Traditionally this meeting takes place in a remote place, gathering people from different horizons (employees, independent, founders, VC, academics…). Usually these people act outside of their work hour and independently from their company or others.

We think company must leverage this kind of activity and bring it inside your company

Why: It creates condition to innovation: Giving new insights to employees, they can imagine applicable solution on their work and in the process they are involved in

  • It creates conditions to remove silos inside the company. The time of the event, people can meet people from other services, create new internal links, and find new way to collaborate towards customer,

  • It’s also an opportunity to identify specific talents, and imagine new opportunities for internal mobility,

  • Finally, it can help building an innovative and positive image of the company to the employees, which in the current period of talent shortage is valuable.

Disaitek offers to bring valuable meet up inside your company. Depending on the level of the attendants you program to invite, several agendas are possible.

If you are interested in bringing information to your employees on breakthrough technology, if you want to experiment new engagement forms with them, contact us. You just have to provide snacks and refreshment and we handle the presentation for free!

Meetups can be done either in English or French.


Which Meet up’s better for you

Introduction to fundamentals of Machine Learning
Ok, what’s really behind the scene?

Who ?

All kind of employees curious about this phenomenon and who try to find new tools to increase productivity in their work.


  • Give better intuition about what covers Machine learning

  • Categories of machine learning

  • How to train a machine learning model

  • When it comes to evaluate the precision of your model

  • Relevant frameworks of machine learning and AutoML

  • Bias in machine learning

  • Machine learning for NLP

  • Recognize context in your day to day job where machine learning can apply


Help to come up with relevant use cases suitable for your company

Unlock the potential of your Data
Hard to have enough labelled data?

Who ?

Data scientist, people involved in machine learning development and concerned by the low quantity of labeled data.


  • How to train deep learning models on language modeling helps capturing syntax and semantic of languages

  • How to use to transfer this knowledge to other tasks

  • Multi-task learning: principles

  • How multi-task learning help models generalize better

  • Principles of semi supervised learning

  • Example of Virtual Adversarial Training to reduce the need of labeled data


New ideas to tackle existing problems

Machine Learning privacy and security
How really secure and ensure your models respect customer privacy?

Who ?

All people involved in machine learning development


  • Key dates for this discipline

  • Principles of security and privacy of machine learning

  • State of the art in machine learning security and privacy

  • Backdooring

  • Poisonning

  • Model stealing

  • Data stealing

  • Principles of prevention. security and privacy by design

  • Watermarking

  • Differential privacy


First evaluation of the risks of currently deployed models or systems

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