Task & Knowledge Management

Leverage AI to collect and structure tasks and knowledge on the behalf of humans

How do you better engage people to execute your transformation ?

Task management and Knowledge management are not fully digitized yet. There’s a lack of discipline to report and digitize both commitment and knowledge.

For tasks there’s for exemple a lack of visibility on who is engaged on what and what is a correct evaluation of the overall status of projects.

For knowledge, even if new projects usually meet requirements of project management in term of documentation, beyond the first release of the project, changes and further releases are not well reported in current documentation.  

A process is as strong at its weakest link and in that case the weakest link is human. While human is expected to spend time on complex cognitive tasks, he has to manage lots of report, status, follow up and so on.

Our modules are designed to capture relevant information in places where people easily share it, in the conversational flows (email, chat, meetings..). Tasks or knowledge can be detected with our deep learning technology, which provides suggestions to the end user. We then automate action log and knowledge management on its behalf.